Fashion Industry Law

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Lewis & Lin’s Fashion Law attorneys assist the fashion industry in all aspects of their business.  Our clients range from clothing manufacturers and brand owners to designers and retailers, and include both individuals and multinational businesses.  Like other specialized areas, Fashion Law requires expertise in several different legal disciplines.  Our attorneys bring their experience in intellectual property, licensing and sales, contract negotiation, advertising and litigation to assist our fashion industry clients in the global marketplace.

Intellectual Property

We understand that oftentimes the most valuable asset of a  fashion company or designer is its brand or look.  Whether you are a startup or an established company, your intellectual property is what distinguishes you from all others.  Our intellectual property and brand protection attorneys will secure your IP rights, whether trademark, trade dress or copyright, both in the U.S. and internationally.  We will negotiate licensing agreements that allow you to benefit the most from your brand.  And we will  enforce your rights against infringers or counterfeiters who try to profit off of the goodwill you developed.

Business Agreements

The fashion industry is built on many different players, and we understand the relationship between them.  Whether you are working with a foreign manufacturer, a large distribution network, or an online retailer, we will assist you in negotiating and preparing the documents that are vital to your business.  We advise both individual designers and multinational companies, and can help you at each stage of your development.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Disputes arise in the fashion industry, and we are well equipped to handle them.  Our litigation attorneys have represented fashion industry clients in federal and state courts throughout the country, helping to obtain the best possible results in an efficient and cost effective manner.  We also know that litigation is usually a last resort, and we are experienced in advocating for our clients in alternative dispute resolution forums.